Ayisha Amatullah

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Finally, a coach who will take you by the hand & show you how to get clients, make money as a coach, and build a coaching empire, so you can quit your 9-5!

coaching business automation program

Coach Ayisha Amatullah

Ayisha Amatullah

"The Coaches Coach"

Stop watching the "experts", become the expert, and take action today!

If you need help accelerating your coaching business you are in the right place!

What You Get In This 90-Day Coaching Program:


Signature System

Create, price, and package your expertise into a 6-7 figure business

  • Define your niche and target market
  • Create your core message and unique selling proposition
  • Design your signature system, coaching program, and product funnel


Relationship System

Build an automated lead generation machine and relationship system that builds authority.

  • Layout a high converting relationship sales funnel
  • Create email sequences that builds authority
  • Create the perfect lead magnet that delivers a quick win that builds trust
  • Design a list building strategy that operates on autopilot


Conversion System

Create an automated system to convert prospects to paying clients and customers.

  • Create an autopilot plan to enroll prospects and customers into your high-end coaching, membership, events, masterminds, or coaching programs
  • Design a high converting free consultation session
  • Design webinars and trainings that converts


Discovery System

Choose and learn how to use the best medium to get discovered by your target market, generate traffic, and build authority

  • Create a tailored discovery system so you can be found by your target market
  • Develop a targeted offline and/or online traffic strategy
  • Develop and SEO strategy that converts prospects to leads.
  • Create a Facebook ads strategy that generate leads, converts prospects to paying clients, and paying clients to higher paying clients.
  • Create a content marketing strategy that builds trust and authority.


Product Launch Profits

Step by step methods to successfully launch your products and programs to an audience that are eager to buy!

Create a launch that:

  • generates a  massive amounts of traffic to your launch and generate mind boggling amounts of sales VERY quickly!
  • starts earning and creating a horde of desperate buyers before you have even launched your product!
  •  generates a stampede of desperate buyers the moment you launch your new product or program - every single time!
  • will continue to generate sale after sale after sale 
  • will massively increase your profits after the launch 

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