How To Create A Course


Design, Develop, and Run a Profitable Course

​Launch Your Own Online Course…
WITHOUT Spending Forever Creating It

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating courses... and maybe you feel the same way.

Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? ​

It's time to realize that creating courses represents a massive advantage for you. 

Learn the simple techniques for creating awesome courses and gain an edge over your competition.

What You'll Discover in this 7-Part Course:


Lesson 1: Introduction: The Benefits of Creating an Online Course

Online courses have revolutionized learning, and with all the amazing and affordable tools and technology available to us today there’s never been an easier and better time to create your own online course. In this first lesson, you’ll explore the benefits of online courses and what makes them so profitable, so that you are eager to get started with your own course. 


Lesson 2: Choose Your Course Topic

You’ll learn a variety of ways you can research your market and get to know what struggles your students are eager to find solutions for. Once you have that information, you can use it to choose the topic of your course and the solution you'll offer.


Lesson 3: Outline Your Course Design

You'll learn how to outline a clear, logical design for your course. Your course outline will include all the key elements needed for an effective and engaging learning experience - one that ensures your students will see results


Lesson 4: Create Effective and Engaging Content for Your Course

In the previous lesson, you would have outlined your course design, along with your learning objectives and the best combination of media formats for your target audience. In lesson 4, you'll learn how to actually create and present content in a way that makes your online course interesting and engaging, so that you can maximize your students' learning and motivation.


Lesson 5: Plan and Prepare Your Course Delivery

Now that you have your course content figured out, you'll learn how to address the tricky question of how much to charge for your online course. You'll get recommendations for how to choose an appropriate delivery platform, options for collecting payments, and you'll get your course scheduled and ready for delivery.


Lesson 6: Run an Engaging, Results-Focused Course

You’ll learn top tips for running an effective and engaging online course, so that your students interact, get greater insights, relate directly to the content, get the most out of their learning, and actually implement what they learn. You'll learn the best practices for making sure your course is a huge success that delivers on its promises.


Lesson 7: Follow Up and Improve Your Course

You've gone through the whole process of creating and running an effective and engaging online course, but it doesn't end there. In lesson 7, you'll learn how to measure your results and gather constructive feedback, so you can continue to develop and improve your course, and ultimately make more sales.

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